Putting Waste Collection on Autopilot

Trash Valet™ is a sustainable, new doorstep valet trash and recycling service created for multi-family communities. Are you interested in putting your trash and recycling service on auto-pilot? Our service has been voted one of the top amenities by residents and property managers. Our service is simple. Our professional, trained, uniformed Trash Valets will keep your building or community clean and sanitary while picking up bagged trash and recyclables rougly 4 nights per week right from your doorstep. Leave the dirty work to us. Your residents will love being able to rely on our team to handle their trash. No more lugging bags up and down stairs and dealing with dirty dumpsters any more!

Servicing HOA’s , Multi-Family housing communities, student living complexes and condo associations across the U.S

Trash Valet by WastEx

Instead of offering just trash collection, give your residents a new standard of easy living with Valet Trash Collection and clean up. Contact us to make the switch today!

No more carrying trash down steps
No more getting close to disgusting dumpsters
No more putting trash in or on top of your car
No more scary nighttime walks to the dumpster
No more arguments about who’s turn it is to walk the trash to the dumpster
Move in discounts available through Kirbside Movers
A pristine community = Happy tenants
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How It Works

There’s a reason the industry calls it “valet” trash. It’s because Wastex Valet Trash services sets the standard for how to do it right. Wastex Living communities receive doorstep collection of trash and recycling five nights a week. We also offer customized days and times to fit your community’s specific needs.


Trash Preparation

All bags must be securely tied for collection. No loose items. Bags must hold contents securely during transport, without ripping or leaking.


Ready for Pickup

Place the container, containing your securely tied trash bag, outside your front door. If you have more than one bag, “snow cone” one bag on top of the other, inside your container.


You’re Done!

Simply return the container back inside your apartment home by 9:00am the next morning.

Now go do something fun instead of going to the dumpster! Like enjoying many of your communities amenities!

Why Choose Us?
Get ready to save money and time when you rent our low cost roll off dumpsters. Our open container rental service is second to none. Aside from the fact that we offer the absolute lowest rates on dumpster rental in the industry, we also offer service that is so simple, so efficient, that it takes only about 5 minutes to book your dumpster rental.

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